Oh, Gosh! I’m Becoming Reflective! Part 2

Ok, here we go. Good news: I woke up this morning and made my bed. Then I put away my clothes. Then I washed the dishes. Then I took a shower. Then I started this blog post. Hey, maybe that admiral guy and that world famous psychologist were on to something.Of course, I took a nap after. I learned something else. I had a really bad day. A really bad day. I mean, it can be a life changing day.  But no matter the pain, fighting and suffering I go through, my bed is made. The admiral’s speech really did have an impact on me.

This moment is going to define what is important. I think if I know what is important, I can organize my life. When I say, “organize my life,” I don’t mean I focus on something one thousand percent and spend twelve hours on it. It means I spend time on something that I think I should be spending some time on. So, let’s go into it.

My family is number one. And I have been very stand-offish as late. Mostly because I am never sure what to say to them because of the situation we are in. I have feelings that I cannot talk about (it seems with anyone, including Josie). But I know things wiill get easier the more we talk. My eldest daughter is having my second grandchild and my youngest, who is brilliant, has started driving. Their lives are very interesting right now.

My fitness is also very important. I need to run and workout every day. I don’t do that because I don’t start running until after work and I have to wait for Josie. I also need to do my anaerobic workout. I have a gym membership but I really don’t need a gym membership for what I do. I can do it at home or just go to the park to do it.

The third important things I need to do is my writing. I have a blog (as you know) and can skip writing every so often. I think I need to put in at least one or two entries a week. I do not have to write an entry on the day. I can actually take my time writing it. For example, this post was written a few days ago and the post before this one was written almost a week ago. But my blog isn’t the only thing I want to concentrate on. I am also writing my book. The book is broken into three volumes. I have finished the first volume (sort of) and am currently in the second volume. I am going to self publish but I need to have at least two volumes completed before I publish. Writing a book is tough for me. It means I have to stay focused. I am so far into it, I must finish it.

Finally, I want to start a podcast. I am a huge politics fan and I think I can make an interesting podcast. More so, Josie wants to join in but she is not required. I can do it just as well on my own when she is not here. I have learned how to use the audio editing software, Audacity and have created an introduction. I bought an audio downloader so I can download audio bites from the Internet and know how to splice them. I bought a USB microphone and tested it. I have created an account on Podbean to upload the podcasts to the Internet and have them distributed and have an account on Patreon in case they get popular and I want to monetize it. In other words, I just need to do it. I get material from the Twitter, usually really dumb political stories (and there are a ton on Twitter).

So, there are the things I need to make time. So here we go:

  • Running will be for 30 minutes to two hours. I will do this in the morning before work and, if need be, another run in the afternoon.
  • I will perform a 30 to 60 minute anaerobic workout right after work.
  • I will call my father on Monday, my eldest on Tuesday and my youngest on Wednesday after my workout. I enjoy these talks outside after my workout.
  • I will work on my book for 30 minutes, every day. I bet I can make money on this goal
  • I will blog during lunch at work and will post on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I figure if I work everyday, I can always be several entries ahead. The only exception will be political news. I`ll post that stuff right away.
  • Finally, I will do the podcasts on Friday night. Josie and I are always together and I bet I can get her to join me. But, if she doesn’t I`ll just do it myself. I love Twitter so I will have plenty of material.


By the time you read this post, I will have already started. To prove it to you, the last post was done before this post was created and I have already written the movie review That will be released on Thursday.

I’m on fire!

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