Cool Links

Here are some links that I truly enjoy and think you might too. They are broken up be category. Have fun.


  • Fox News – For those who LOVE conservative slant on the news.
  • CNN – Good news service with a slant to the left.
  • Drudge Report – Great world wide news. A little slanted to the left but it has everything.
  • Yahoo News – Horribly liberal and news can be a bit outdated but not too bad.
  • The Daily Beast – Great world-wide news site. Pretty middle-of-the-road.


  • CBS Sports – Great fantasy sports, good reporting.
  • ESPN Sports – Without a doubt, the most up-to-date.


  • The Onion – A farce on news. This site has actually tricked people into believing their news is real.
  • Epic Fail – Hysterical true-life occurrences caught on video and social media.

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