The last two years have been very chaotic. Well, chaotic is a word that seems to be a tad too Tao, which I find to be a very wise religion and shouldn’t be used as an adjective, to be used to describe what we have been going through in this country. What’s happening is just stupid and completely counter productive. But it is terribly entertaining.

So the Left has decided, not recently, to obstruct anything the Republicans are trying to do. Even if they are doing it legally and per the Constitution. Hell, the Left doesn’t like the Constitution. This becomes apparent when looking at the protests of Brett Kavanaugh being nominated to the Supreme Court. This guy reads the Constitution to the letter to determine his rulings (this is known as a textualist). Of course, the Left thinks he’ll ruin the country (overturn Roe vs. Wade). The political hit jobs commenced. He was accused of everything from buying Nationals baseball tickets (I’m not kidding) to being the head of a gang rape ring. Before his confirmation, look at the idiots go.

Now I always complained that Republicans needed to grow some balls and fight back against these idiots. Well, The did. Lindsey Graham, probably one of the meekest politicians ever, finally got sick of these protests. He started having fun with them. Look at the really funny video below. He just walks away and invites him to South Carolina (where he’s from) and drives away while these idiots just scream at him.

Finally, Kavanaugh get confirmed and is heading to the Supreme Court to get sworn in. Protesters decided to try to break into the Supreme Court. They banged on the doors. One women tried to pry the doors open with her hands. This is so dumb. The doors are solid bronze and probably weigh a ton each. Oh, yeah. And they don’t have door knobs! 

But this stuff is great fodder for conservative YouTube hosts. They love protests like these and then asking about why they are protesting. The absolute fits these people throw is hysterical. Here’s one from Turning Point USA. It’s great:

Though these protests led to some really funny moments, this is serious stuff. Not all of these mobs are funny or safe.

This is the new Left. They don’t want civil discourse or debate. They will not listen to reason and, a lot of the time, they will just shout one down with slogans that don’t mean anything most of the time. They are mean spirited and irrational. An this is where things can get scary when this stuff is approved of. In Portland, Oregon, ANTIFA (short for anti-fascist) has taken over the streets. They threaten, cause damage to property and cause violence to people. The city leader (if that’s what they can be called) get out of their way for fear things may escalate. Watch the following clip of an ANTIFA event that occurred this past weekend.

The police were down the street and did nothing. The mayor was peeing his pants and did nothing. And the people, who pay taxes and voted for these people must suffer because of their civic leaders’ cowardice is disgusting. But it does get worse. The Leftists are now saying this is alright. That this is just fighting injustice. Some in the media says that none of this is a mob mentality and they are just protesters. What’s worse, we have politicians, ones that want to run for the President of the United States actually encouraging this behavior. Eric Holder, a piece of human filth who served as Attorney General and caused an untold number of deaths because of his incompetence, is actually encouraging people to fight. The only thing that calms me is that this piece of sh … er … garbage will have no chance against intellectual giants and Elizabeth Warren and Cory Booker (in other words, Trump will be President until 2024).

This is the type of speech that, though not illegal and a direct call to incite, is very dangerous. Add similar comments by the news media (Chris Cuomo and Lemon from CNN), Maxine Waters, Cory Booker and even Hilary Clinton, we are looking at tragedy in the making. Lindsey Graham, who really grew a pair since the Kavanaugh hearings, got into trouble this week. He said that the political rhetoric has gotten so toxic that it is only a matter of time before someone is assassinated. Of course, he got lambasted by the Left-wing media because, well, there are no crazies on the Left, just people looking for just and peacefully protesting.

It is time for everyone to take a breath and realize we are in this together. We are one country and its citizens are no enemies simply because we have different philosophies. Unfortunately, I believe it might be too late and it will take something tragic and horrible to bring us a common cause much the way the 9/11 tragedy did. One can only hope we can find common cause before someone gets really hurt.

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