Finally, It Is Done!

Finally, Judge Brett Kavanaugh is now Justice Brett Kavanaugh. That poor bastard went through hell. It took three months and scores of vile rhetoric. He has been called evil (well, I guess he is a lawyer), said he will destroy the Constitution, (he’s a textualist which means he reads it literally, not sure how that’s destroying it), will kill millions of people (not sure how he’d do that) and will force back ally abortions (cause he hates women). He has been scorned, slandered and threatened. Here are some things he has been accused of:

  • Having credit card debt (which he paid off)
  • Buying baseball tickets for his friends (that’s bad how?)
  • Being partisan
  • Committing rape
  • Being the ring leader for a gang rape club (love that one)
  • Exposing himself
  • Being at a party with a stripper
  • Being an alcoholic
  • Having a bad temperament
  • Being a pedophile (I mean, wow!)
  • Causing a rift as his church (that was today)
  • Oh, yeah. He threw ice at someone at a bar (the cad!)


All this happened over thirty years ago. People forget his accomplishments. And they are so many, I don’t know them all but here are just a few:

  • Graduated from Yale with a history degree (Cum Laude) and Yale Law School
  • Clerked under Judge Ken Starr
  • Worked with Starr with the investigation of Bill Clinton which lead to his impeachment
  • Worked as a legal adviser for President George W. Bush
  • Was nominated and served on the U.S. Court of Appeals in D.C., the second highest court in the country


Add that he is in a successful marriage, has two children, works with his community and does service for his church.

And he likes baseball and beer! (Awesome!)

So, congratulations Justice Kavanaugh! Thanks for having the strength to deal with our broken political system and poisoned society. The country and Supreme Court need a man like you.

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