A Very Dark Path We Are Walking Now

I know, last week, that I wrote about the whole Brett Kavanaugh debacle and probably wrote in a very angry tone. Well, I am angrier today than I was last week. This chaos is very dangerous for our country. It is leading us down a very dark path. I am talking about totalitarianism kind of stuff.

So let’s discuss what has happened over the last week (I have been really paying attention) and go through all the players step by step. At the end, I will go over why this is so scary and why the Republicans need to grow some balls and get this great man confirmed.

This is a longer post. It took me a few days to write. But the subject matter really bothers me which is why I am taking so much time with it. It is a really scary time for our country.

Christine Ford

Christine Ford, the person alleging sexual assault against Kavanaugh, finally decided to testify. It was very compelling. The format of the hearing was very annoying and difficult to really keep track of. Each senator was going to receive five minutes to question Ford and the Democrats and Republicans would take turns. The Republicans appoint a federal prosecutor to interview Ford using all the time from the Republicans. The Democrats decided they would just pontificate about how great Ford was for their five minutes. This made the interview process inconsistent and confusing. Here’s her opening statement:

The prosecutor questioned Ford gently but forcefully. Her initial five minutes was, perhaps, too gentle. I am sure she was talked to by Republicans during the first break because she came out swinging. She began to question some of the reports and definitely pulled out inconsistent information that did not make her look credible and, in fact, made her look like she was lying and had motives for accusing Kavanaugh.

First, she never had a fear of flying. She didn’t like to fly, but who does? But she flew all the time. This made it look like her not testifying earlier was a delaying tactic (which it was). Second, Ford could not name where and when the assault took place, did not know how she got to the party or how she got home and was inconsistent on who was at the party. All she remembered is that Kavanaugh did it, without a doubt, thirty-six years ago (memory is the worst form of evidence, especially after thirty-six years). Third, she said she told her counselors about the assault and who did them but it turned out the medical reports, which the Democrats had and did not release to the Republicans, did not name Kavanaugh at all (she did not say who did it). Next, she did not know who was paying for her Democratic lawyers, who paid for her trips, how much she was being charged, who paid for her polygraph test or even that she could have been interviewed in California (turns out the Feinstein group is paying for all this). Finally, we find out she has several GoFundMe entries which have raise close to a million dollars (motivation to do this)!

All this and the allegations are still credible? What’s more her performance was very iffy. The shaky voice and tearless sobbing did not convince me. It looked like an acting job. Like one that had come to terms with the assault but was still bothered my it. Listen, I have no doubt she was assaulted. I just don’t think it was Kavanaugh. She offered no evidence and there were a lot of inconsistencies. More so, she had reasons to be there that never got addressed. She’s making money on this. She did not have to pay for anything. why does she not know what her lawyers are doing and explain the lies?

This whole thing can be summed up in one word: Bullshit! She’s not credible.

Brett Kavanaugh

I really did not know what to expect from Brett Kavanaugh when he testified. In his Fox News interview, he seemed kind of passive and emotional. I was expecting him to go off a bit more but he didn’t. I thought, seeing that his career and family could be destroyed, he should have been angry. When he walked through the halls of congress, getting ready to testify, I saw the seething anger. He was going to pop. And pop he did. Below is his opening statement.

He denied the allegations over and over. He brought calendars showing it was very possible he was not in the city at the time of the alleged assault (which is more proof than anything Ford showed). All witnesses that were identified by Ford said they either didn’t see anything or don’t remember. But all said that the actions didn’t sound like something Kavanaugh would do (her witnesses became his character witnesses). And, let us not forget, Kavanaugh was a lawyer, judge, adviser to President Bush and on the second highest court in the land. He was subjected to six different background checks (which include polygraph tests) and holds the same security clearance that that President holds. He has been married for fourteen years, coached his children in basketball and never did anything that caused enough friction that his wife would not stand behind him during this disaster (hey, once a serial rapist, always a serial rapist. So what happened now?).

This is a good man with, possibly, the wrong politics. No, not the wrong politics. This is a man who can read and understands the Constitution. A man that believes in it so much, that he will read it to the words in which it was written. This threatens 100 years of laws created by an institution (the Supreme Court) that has no right to create laws.

The Democrats

I said this before and I am going to say it again: There is going to be a new tier of Hell created by the devil for these people (I’m a big fan of Dante so I do not mean this literally).

The Democrats were not moved by Kavanaugh’s cry for innocence. In fact, they got more out of it. He was a drunk who didn’t have the temperament for the Supreme Court seat and should not be nominated. In fact, his anger at being accused of sex crimes that have no evidence and are, probably, completely untrue is evidence that he could lose his temper and sexually assault a woman. Just listen to Barbara Boxer on MSNBC (who continual election victories show how stupid California is because she is so dumb).

Barbara Boxer


With all the crazy allegations, non of which have any proof and happened thirty or more years ago, those pieces of human filth continued to slander Kavanaugh.

That’s right. He likes beer so he must be a drunk. Hey, how many of these low-lifes are going to go have a couple of martinis during there $100 a dollar plate dinners? I bet more then one. Then he has a bad temperament because he has been called “evil,” a “drunk,” a “rapist” and will be the cause of “millions of people dying.” Gee, I think I may be a little bit more testy than he was. I might even drop an F-bomb or six when I am getting questioned by these pieces of garbage.

The Republicans

The Republicans did what I thought they would do. They praised Kavanaugh and apologized for him having to go through this. But one really stood out. Senator Lindsey Graham, the real wimp of the Republican party, showed his teeth. 

This was not the first time he flipped when asked about how Kavanaugh was treated. Anyone who stuck a microphone in front of his face got the fury. I think this as the first time that the liberal media was dying to get a sound bite from a Republican politician.

Lindsey Graham

But the funniest video was from Senator Ben Sasse. He was so angry, he was shaking. He basically cussed and then gave up his question time. Watch this and try not to laugh!

The biggest issue the Republicans had is the senator from Arizona, Jeff Flake. He was yelled at in the elevator while waiting for the judiciary committee vote on Kavanaugh. He had already said earlier that he would vote for confirmation. Watch the video.

Jeff Flake

The broad that yelled at him wasn’t even an American citizen! But, after getting yelled at and wetting himself, he said he would vote no on his confirmation unless the vote was extended a week for another (that’s right, a seventh!) background check. You can watch the video here. Of course, Flake hates Trump and is retiring (because he would have gotten killed in the election in November).

So chaos ensued thanks to this piece of shit. Two more senators said they would not vote to confirm so the Republicans did not have enough votes and the background check was authorized by Trump.


This is a disaster both personally for the Kavanaugh family and for our democracy. First, if a man’s life can be ruined simply because he is accused of doing something that’s bad. Especially if he says it never happened and there is no evidence that it ever happened. The idiocy to believe that this guy was running a gang rape ring while getting straight A’s at Yale law school is just insane.

Second, the senate is suppose to confirm a justice because he is a qualified judge, not because of his political views, if he has any. This entire fiasco is because Kavanaugj is a textualist. Brett Kavanaugh is definitely qualified to be on the Supreme Court. I mean, did you hear the guy speak?

Next, the distortions about the whole preceding is crazy. This went from a sexual assault allegation, to him being a gang rape ring leader, to him being an alcoholic because he likes beer, to him having a bad temperament because he was mad at being accused of rape without evidence and is probably a violent, physical abuser. I mean, really? All this? How the hell did this guy get to where he is and be married for so long with all these issues? You know why he got to where he got? Because he’s not any of these things. They were made up. And trust me, they will be looking for anyone who is willing to lie to create another unsubstantiated claim that happened forty years ago. And delay more.

But Kavanaugh was not the only victim. Christine Ford was also a victim. She did not want to testify and wanted everything kept confidential. But the Democrats leaked the letter. I believe she went through something. I do not believe Brett Kavanaugh had anything to do with it. Neither do the Democrats. But they don’t care. They don’t care how many lives they ruin, they just want to block this seat. They leaked her letter (which is definitely unethical and immoral but also might be illegal). They admitted it was probably done though no one will admit it. But, as Maisy Hirono (D, Hawaii) said, “Who cares.”

Next, what is this investigation going to show? Nothing. Everyone they are going to interview have already submitted letters under penalty of perjury. They are not going to change their stories because they will end up in jail. The senators had the opportunity to speak to anyone they wanted, under the penalty of perjury, but didn’t subpoena anyone. This is just a stalling technique so they can find another accuser and then stall more. It’s a waste of time and tax payer money. And, when the investigation turns up nothing, no one’s mind is going to be changed. All Democrats will vote against and all Republicans will vote for (or they better).

Finally, and worst of all, why would someone who is extremely qualified for an important position such as this want to risk career and family to go through such a poisonous process? When he or she can be easily accused and destroyed? And, worse, when is it that accusations can be placed on anyone who is against the grain and their lives being destroyed?

This has been called a “witch trial,” which is appropriate. In the Salem Witch trials, all that was important was the accusation, proof didn’t matter. People were hung over this. One of the problems with erasing history (another thing the Left is doing) is that it is forgotten and doomed to be repeated.

I think we, as a country, are going down a very dark path.

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