A Letter to a Loved One

Hi Sweetie,

Though I know you hate when I put my stuff in public but I have not had my calls answered and all the texts I get are so angry. I am know you read my posts (though I am not sure if you re        ad them anymore) so I am going to take a chance and hope you read this one. I won’t name you or anything. You will just know.

You’re really angry at me. And I’m not sure why. The last time we talked, I heard a lot of things but non of it made a lot of sense. That’s OK. I know that you have issues with me. I have been distant in the past. I’m pretty sure we all have. But then you should talk to me about it. I am very well aware of my limitations (more than you know) and am willing to listen. Some of your points I will agree with, some not. But that’s why we need talk.

Listen: I am not your “counselor” and you are definitely not my “counselor”. But, when I am wrong, I always acknowledge it. When ask for advice, I always tell you to do the right things, even when I am bothered about it. You may not like the way I am now (which ain’t all that bad), but I always busted my ass for you. I really think I deserve more than what I am getting. At least a phone conversation.

Now you can respond to this in one of two ways: You can think about it and deal with it or you can be pissed. I don’t care which you choose. And I’m not going to try not to stress out about it. The reason is simple: I can’t change your mind and I have no control. I just need to trust the right thing is going to happen.

Here’s what you need to remember: I’m here and I`m waiting. I’m never going to reject you and tell you to “screw off” if and when you decide to call. I love you, am proud of what you have become and will settle with that knowledge if I have to.





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  1. Joeys friends mom here

    Bless both your hearts. Praying for the family. I’m so sorry death causes division. We can’t blame anyone. Please cherish one another.
    Sending love as my heart breaks for your family . Joeys loss was hard enough .
    If I can assist I will help any way I can.

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