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Someone just posted the question: Why have I not said anything about Joe on his birthday?

This is a great question. I looked on Facebook and saw all the comments about him but I just couldn’t do it. I really did not know what to say. I didn’t even talk to Josie until the day after. Guess what? I still don’t know what to say. I am spending every day looking at news to see if anything new has been discovered. I have been working on his web pages, trying to dig up little nuggets nobody knew. But I have talked about everything except him. I have my parents and girlfriend for that. And even then I lose some control.

So, for my son’s 22nd birthday, I decided just to add some of my favorite photos. You will see a bunch of the same ones when his site is complete. But go all the way to the end. There is something special.


Two years ago, my father and mother (she’s a step mother but I don’t consider her that) took the entire family on a cruise to Hawaii. There are 22 of us so you can imagine the expense. He did it because Nikki had just gotten married and was planning a family and the other children were ready to go to college. He wanted to do something special, one last time, with the entire family together. And we all went. It was a great trip, one I will never forget. I just did not realize, at the time, how important this trip would be for me.

A few days after he died, I made this video from the pictures of the trip. I never said I made it. Never posted it on social media. I showed my family but it seemed to be something too personal to show to everyone. Well, I changed my mind. Time to post it.

Now I know why I didn’t say anything on his birthday. I miss him so much.















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  1. Cheryl/ Joey's friends Mom / God Bless you

    I understand, I had to go to my friend who lost her daughter 25 yrs ago,,,,,,,,,,,, she’s taught me so much, I actually made a fb post re this, and another mother came fwd and said I can’t imagine, ONE thing I do know after seeing how my mother is losing my brother to a heart attack when he was 44, SHE doesn’t remember the month day or year it even happened, Worse yet my step dad passed in 2014 and my mom said it’s been 3 yrs and no it’s been 4, TRAUMA does this,,,,,,, so I understand.

  2. Cheryl/ Joey's friends Mom / God Bless you

    crying watching this video, Understand Kevin has so many friends and I never asked about all their lives, I knew Joshes family and so many of the boys, they’re all my sons, Id say be good, be safe, I saw joey a few times. In my busy life I keep coming back, garden and joey shows up in my mind, On his bday I really was getting hits of his energy in Sedona, the place where we go to get closer to God……..
    My son is so depressed, today my son told me he doesn’t want to live, he was down, I said YOU CAN”T medicate, please lets do therapy, all the kids are on stuff, I’m like so broken inside my soul, wanting to heal the world.
    sometimes I get so angry and I’m not one to get angry , but Joeys death effected me badly and he’s visiting me always, I know it seems strange and well, it’s not strange, He has messages.
    I am with many spiritual groups and one day a man I didn’t know came to me in messenger out of nowhere. He began telling me he can’t go on, his son died, and he told me he doesn’t know what to do, he’s lost . I really believe God sends some my way, I listen, This father blamed himself because his son was on anti depressants and called him saying he wanted to hang himself, and the father didn’t take it serious, the meds bad adverse reaction. He found his son having actally done it. I told that father about spirutality, but he’s religious and wont engage in connecting with his sons soul, it’s ok, I said come to me whenever you want, I’m here . so once in awhile he comes to me when he’s completely lost and going nuts. Still don’t know why or how he was drawn to me.
    A tid bit, my 15 yr old is autistic, high function he may be bipolar too, ever since he was age 6 I would tuck him in and he would say he wanted to die, he didn’t like being here. I would say it’s ok, lifes hard, please don’t feel this way,, for years imagine I actually heard this, then in 8th grade he told me he hates life and you can hear him cry in his room, no meds helped, So he’d crawl in bed with me, Alls I ask is God never take my children, but for some reason,,,,,,,,,,,,,I just don’t understand life, Rest assure, Joey is free, you will all reunite again, our time here on earth is short. Thanks for sharing the beautiful video what a beautiful family. Joey is such a beautiful soul, forever, that will never stop.

  3. A concerned mother

    Hi again . So you have someone advocating for answers ? The other day I was so mad I was ready to call up to the flagstaff PD and demand answers . I was 45 miles away , then I received a message to wait . They’re working on it .
    The more heat out on the PD and college , the more likely you’ll get answers .
    I even post on Fb saying my sons friend was murdered and no ones talking .
    So many that know me told me to go with my gut instinctual and make a call or I’ll regret it .
    If these times are too hard for you , please post and tell me . I’ll be on it fast . From cameras to cell records they should have answers . A bong won’t kill . So much detail .
    Justice for Joey is what my son tells me .
    If you want help , I’m good at kindly yelling and getting answers !!!! I’ll help , demand , show up !!!!!
    I wanted to put this out there.
    Sending love and Prayers
    Cheryl Schankerman Erhart fb

    1. qezzit

      I have the chief’s number but there is going to be little done until all the reports are out. That could take months.

  4. A concerned mother

    Adam young , Is that name familiar ? Someone’s tried to friend me on fb and friend me and asked please , I accepted and. Had saw a blank profile and unfriended the guy asking him whobhe was and who he’s linked too . Joey ?
    He replied back saying that’s why he has a fake account … and lots was written but by the time I opened it , it was removed as spam .
    I don’t know ….. see if he reaches out again .

    1. qezzit

      No, not familiar. But I have been friended a lot lately (especially by reporters). I just ignore them.

  5. A concerned mother

    Can everyone come together and offer a reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of who did this.
    I just got a phone alert that someone was offering a reward for a Los Angeles murder case .
    I’ll chip in $1,000 if we can get 4 others to commit . Because usually this isn’t a one man secret . Money talks . A reward may bring more answers . Consider it . My son and his friends want justice for Joey !!! I’m sure you do , I know the family is still in shock . I’m so sorry .
    Remember you can reach out to me . 805-300-7101

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