Lord, It Ain’t All That Bad

I just finished reading an article written by Frida Ghitis on CNN.com about Donald Trumps accomplishments in 2017. I know that CNN has always been anti-Trump and thought it would be refreshing to hear what CNN thinks of some of the things that he has done correctly. Well, now I know why CNN has been called “fake news” by Donald Trump and is not trusted by most of the country. You can read the article here:


In a nutshell, here are Donald Trump’s five biggest accomplishments of 2017:

  • He is a sexist and his sexism brought forth the #MeToo movement and recognition of sexism throughout the country.
  • Because he is such a terrible president, people are not following politics as they have never before, creating the resistance.
  • Trump’s “Make America Great Again” quote made people realize that things were not great. Trump (who apparently is a racist, homophobic and bigot) has made people realize what would make America great and it is to fight all his policies.
  • Trump’s “war on journalism” will bring journalism into this new “golden age”. Journalism will become better and more relevant.
  • And, finally, Trump is such a clown that he has given late night hosts and SNL a ton of satirical skits that will entertain us.


This is why the country does not trust the media and why he will probably win the election in 2020.

Listen, I am a conservative but I did not vote for Trump. Being from California, I decided to abstain since California was going to Clinton anyway. I also think he is brash and unwise. But he is a successful businessman (he did take $1.5 million from his father and make it into a multi-billion dollar business). When he was elected, I thought that he could not be worse than anyone else has been over the last 30 years (trust me, Barrack Obama will be ranked as one of the worst presidents in history twenty years from now). At least he was not that crook Hilary Clinton. So I thought I would just watch and see what would happen (what else could I do).

So far, I do not think he has done a horrible job. Definitely not as bad as Ghitis makes out. Here are what his actual accomplishments:

  • He helped to free several who were imprisoned in foreign countries including Otto Warmbier (North Korea), Caitlin Coleman (Afghanistan), Joshua Boyle (Afghanistan), Sabrina De Sousa (Egypt), three UCLA basketball players (China) and Aya Hijazi (Egypt).
  • Though the statistics for 2017 are not in yet, the U.S. Border Patrol reports that illegal immigration is down substantially from Mexico and deportations are up. Illegal immigration is costing tax payers just over $8000 per immigrant a year. Multiply that with the 12.5 million illegal immigrants in this country (and that is a VERY conservative number) that comes to $116 billion. Fairus.com estimates that the United States spends $131 billion a years on illegal immigrants. And there isn’t even a wall up yet.
  • The Dow Jones has broken its high 35 times in 2017.
  • Consumer confidence is at a 17 year high.
  • Unemployment is at its lowest since February, 2001.
  • ISIS has been crippled and currently hold no substantial land.
  • China and Russia are now putting pressure on North Korea to stop their nuclear build up. This includes seizing bank accounts, halting worker programs and eliminating imports of resources.
  • Several deals that have hurt the United States have been put on hold or have been eliminated including the Paris Climate Accord, NAFTA and the Iran Nuclear Agreement.


These are just a few things that Trump has done. And they are major and important changes. They hold the capitalist and democratic ideals that have made our country great. Other things were done but their effects still cannot be seen such as the tax reform law (just passed), the elimination of regulations and the elimination of the ACA mandate (that was part of the tax deal) and the moving of the embassy in Israel to the capital of Jerusalem (which seems like common sense since the last three presidents acknowledged Jerusalem as the capital).

I do not know when the news media is going to realize that the American people are getting annoyed with the very biased reporting of Trump. I did not want him as president. But, now, I see him as an underdog who is being undermined by this “swamp” he pointed to throughout his candidacy.

I think it is time for all this false and negative reporting to stop. It is counter productive and a lot of people, especially those who voted for Trump, see right though it.

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