A Valentine’s Night to Remember

It can be tough getting time alone with the one you love. Especially when that one you love has three children (they are great kids, by the way). So, when we had time without kids, you better believe we were going to make the most of it. And we did.

First thing we decided to do was go to a really fancy dinner. We went to a restaurant called Rei Do Gado. The is a Brazilian steak house. If you have never been to a Brazilian steak house, the concept is simple but the execution can be difficult. We were presented with a card with twenty different meats. Mind you, this is not a menu to choose from. THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE. In the table, there is a small box. One side is red, the other side is green. When you are ready to eat, have the green side showing. You need a break, turn it to the red side.

They also had a nice appetizer bar. There was crab and shrimp (my weakness), salad, bread, pasta and assorted vegetables. The waiter warned us not to gorge on the appetizers or we would not make it through dinner. Well, I do not think making it through dinner was going to happen anyway. We got through about ten meats before we called it quits. Dessert was not even an option. The meats were good, not great. I thought they were a tad over-seasoned. Josie thought the same thing.

After dinner, we walked back to the car and saw a Hustler Hollywood store. Now, if there is one thing I love about Josie, it is that she has not fear and knows what she likes. She walked right into that store. The first floor was assorted lingerie. All of it over-the-top and extreme. Thigh-high boots and leather. The second floor had drug paraphernalia and T-shirts. The third floor was where the action was. All the toys. Vibrators, dildos, lubes, ropes and whips just to name a few. Josie smiled at the swings. There was nothing really special except for one thing: a gold and silver pendant with a vibrator on it. Fourteen karat rose gold with a silver vibrator. It was awesome. I wanted to get it for her. Josie liked it too but said she would never wear it, much less use it (that was a lie). We ended up leaving without it (ugh, but I did find it on the Internet. It is on it’s way).

We were going to stay in San Diego and get a hotel room but things were very expensive there. So we decided to go back to Oceanside to rent a hotel room. We talked and had a great conversation. Then we stopped to pick up some drinks. We got a room and were thrilled to see that Titanic was playing on the television. I hate that movie but Josie loved it. I was able to put my moves on her and…

Josie was becoming tipsy and and not ready to sleep. She knew of a gentleman’s club half a block from the hotel. Being a tad tipsy myself, I thought it would be fun. It was fun, but, well, let’s just say, the women there had a bit to be desired. Great bodies but, I swore, some were transgenders. I mean, bow-wow. I had a couple of more beers and Josie had a couple of vodka and cranberries. So you can imagine our conversation got more colorful. Josie was sure she was better looking than any of these women (and she would be right). She thought she would make a killing as a stripper. We talked about the effect of her new career direction would effect our relationship. Of course, I was not sure. I have a rather stark jealous streak but, at the same time, think it might be kind of hot to have a stripper as a girlfriend.

Well, the stripper thing ended with the night. But, unfortunately, the combination of ten meats, wine, beer and vodka did not help my baby’s stomach. She got a bit sick. And there went fifty dollars worth of Brazilian meat. She was very apologetic. But I did not care. She was still beautiful. Though it was not Valentine’s Day, the night made me realize how much I love this woman.

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