7 Is Not a Lucky Number

I was writing out a workout schedule yesterday and, with frustration, that the seven day week is a real pain in the ass. It seems to screw everything up for me. So, today, I have initiated a Change.org petition to have the the week changed from seven days to eight days. We could call it Xoeday (I  chose a day with an “X” in it because it is such a rarely used letter and I believe in diversity). Please review and sign my petition. It can be found here:


Now, I know some of you are not convinced. That is because most have been brainwashed into believing that the seven day week is essential to the economy. Well, I have thought this through and here are the reason we need to break through the chains of the seven day work week.

Makes Scheduling Workouts Easier 

The thought first came to my mind when I was drawing up Josie’s workout schedule at the gym. She wanted to workout four days a week with a rest day in between workouts. This is impossible with a seven day week. You always end up having to workout on back to back days or only working out for three days.

With the eight day week, we can workout Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday with Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Xoday off. we get our four days to workout and a day off in between.

Three Day Weekends

We can final get that three day weekend we all wish we had. We can continue to work Monday through Friday but can have Saturday through Xoday off. Awesome!

But there’s more!

You can finally get stoned drunk on Super Bowl Sunday and not have to worry about working the next day. People will look forward to go to church because you can party after since you do not have to work the next day. Heck, people can make party plans AT church. And, when there is a federal holiday and you get Monday off, we get a FOUR day weekend. Nice!

Give Those Holidays a Chance

I am sitting here and writing this on Independence Day (July 4) which fell on a Tuesday this year. My company required me to work the day before and day after the day. That sucks!

I thought about it and did some math. With a seven day week, there is a 29% chance that a holiday will fall on a weekend day. When you calculate the chances with my proposed eight day week, there is a whopping 38% chance the holiday will fall on a weekend day.

Woot, WOOT!

In Conclusion

I know there are those sour pusses out there that will say that we should remain with the traditional seven day week. They will bring up crap about the Aztecs or space time continuum or some hippie-crap like that. But they are short-sighted and obtuse. I believe I have proven the benefits of having an eight day week and we should implement it as soon as we possibly can.

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